Pagan Sex


True love and tragedy, murder and betrayal. This can’t stand.


John plays poker for a living. Jeanette is a college student majoring in Astronomy. What could go wrong? And then, after everything goes wrong, who knows what happened? Who knew at the time? Is it still happening today?

From fifteen years apart, in alternating chapters, John and Jeanette try to understand. She’s exploring a world new to her in every way, making a place for herself in it. He’s trying to fix the aftermath of horrible tragedy. We know it’s over for them–but is it, really? Is there a path to happiness, or at least redemption?

In this unusual tale of mystery, romance, and poker players…with a slight hint of Gypsy ghost story…and murder…it’s hard to know just what is possible.

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    I have a Nook & would like to buy Pagan Sex. I was able to download the sample but I can’t buy it now. The sample was so intriguing, I want more. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    Christine Anderson

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      Ouch! My apologies. I didn’t even think about the people who had samples when I pulled the book from B&N. And I’m not totally sure the move made sense anyway, because it definitely sold better there than at Amazon.

      If you really want to buy it, there’s no DRM on any of my titles…so you could buy from Amazon and then use something like Calibre to convert it to an EPUB to read on your Nook. However, I think I have a better solution: may I email you a copy for free?

      I’m doing a giveaway at the moment, and several others have taken advantage of it. But I’d want to fix this for you regardless. If anyone else finds this page because of a similar problem, I hope they’ll let me know.

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    Dear David,

    Of course I’d love a free copy! Thanks so much but I’m the most computer illiterate person on the planet today. Kinda sad, right? I ought to be able to ask my computer literate daughter to help me (she’s a little scary sometimes how easily she can suss out computer stuff!).

    I find your writing very compelling, I was pulled in so quickly, I was disappointed that the sample ended so fast. It left me wanting so much more. I look forward to reading more.

    Thanks in advance,

    Christine Anderson

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      It’s on the way. Took a little while because I kept blushing and digging my toes in the dirt. Thanks, and I hope the rest of the book turns out to be worth the hassle! {8’>

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    I’d love to read this on my Nook as well, but I avoid Amazon like the plague (long story!). Are there other options? And I don’t expect a freebie, but if we can work something out, that would be great.

    BTW – my last novel is also about a Romani…female hacker who it NOT dragon-tattooed 🙂

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      Sent! And I do get into the Romani/Rom vs. Gypsy nomenclature in the book. Short version: Romani is an adjective, Rom means a man (of the Romani people), and some readers won’t know either term–so I use “Gypsy” in the description for clarity.

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    This is goofy but I had to say thank you. I’m on chapter 4. I wanted to to know what the bracelet looked like..couldn’t quite get a picture in my mind…and when I went back to the cover there it was! Wanted you to know that for me covers do matter and I really like yours!

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      Thanks! I’m actually planning to redo it (I have to for the print version at least ’cause the graphics are at the wrong resolution) but I’m planning to keep the bracelet image. It’s from a photo my wife took of one she gave me years ago. {8’>

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        That just makes the story better knowing it has an important element from your “real” life. How cool!

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          There are lots of elements from my real life in there. I pretended in the book that it was more current, but the Vegas I describe is from around 1989 when I first moved there as a poker-playing and software-writing kid–two separate lives, and nobody really knew me in both of them. (Partly I did it ’cause the poker world has changed a lot since then, and I have strong opinions on the topic but didn’t want them to get out in front of the story.) (Oh, and I also wrote a few stories back then & sent ’em off to magazines…but nobody bought ’em. They may have been crap!)

          Frankly the book gets close to autobiography in several places. Sometimes authorial distance is hard to maintain. Hope I did okay.

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    Finished this wonderful tale last night somewhere around midnight I think. Sat there crying with the last chapter. I really like how you weaved the time frames together. That is one of my favorite forms of story telling. I like getting bits and pieces and seeing if I can piece it together before it’s revealed. And I have to say, Poker is making much more sense to me than it used to! It really isn’t about the cards so much is it? Thank you for a great story !

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      Wow…thanks! I’m glad it worked for you. Not every reader wants to put effort into figuring things out as she goes along. I really like PS (it’s my favorite among my books so far) but it’s not for everybody. Which is okay, ’cause there are lots of other things to read out there. {8′>

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