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Death to Twitter!

Posted: February 8, 2016 by David in Humor, Jerks, Personal, Random Rants, Technobabble

Well, maybe. Thing is, I like fooling around with Twitter. Once upon a time I had about 47K “followers” (mostly other writers), and it was fun to play with them online. But I eventually decided I was spending far too much time on that game. I tried to justify it as a business-related thing (you […]

Does moving from state to state within the US count as moving to a new land? Maybe. I’ve been doing it a lot, for years. So has my wife–separately, for a bit, but we do it together these days. And our daughter comes along. As somebody or other once said: “History doesn’t repeat itself. But […]

So I tried a startup thing, with a few friends, that didn’t work out. I’m not upset about it; I’m just reporting. Meanwhile my wife started up a business involving cooking and selling grain-free products at local flea markets. That’s working out pretty well–in fact, it seems likely to cover our expenses for the next […]

Hi! First off? Some of you like to talk to me by hitting “reply” to my emailed posts. Which is very cool. I like it a bunch. However, if you’re using one of Microsoft’s email services, they don’t like my email server. Which means I can’t send a response via that method. This is an […]

Okay. I have what appears to be the flu. It’s inconvenient, as it makes concentrating on a new novel much more difficult. I also can’t do some of the other things I had planned for today. So, instead, I started reading stuff on the internet. Probably a mistake! Here’s Claire Wolfe, who was recently generous […]

Free sample–how I went to jail!

Posted: January 26, 2016 by David in Nonfiction, Personal

The privacy book is published, and free for five days. You can get it at Amazon here. Below this is the blurb/description, and I decided to post the text of “Appendix B: Jail!” for you folks too right after that. I figured it might be the most-fun bit. Enjoy? Curious about surveillance? Wondering about the […]