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Thoughts, of a morning

Posted: October 9, 2015 by David in Death of Amazon, Personal, Publishing, Random Rants

I like ambiguity. See, the title of this post? Does that mean I’m telling you my thoughts this morning, or am I telling you what I think of my morning? Also, do you care? Why? Isn’t there a certain hubris involved in bothering you either way? Hey. It’s my site. So Roseburg, Oregon, is in […]


Posted: March 21, 2015 by David in Jerks, My Fiction, Personal

I’m writing this from my iPhone, because my office has been thoroughly disassembled. It’s now mostly temporary storage for stuff we’re going to try to sell. (Though chances are this won’t actually turn out to be a good use of either time or space!) As for why that happened? Well, remember how I said my […]

Welcome back!

Posted: March 5, 2015 by David in Personal, Random Rants

If, that is, you’ve come back. If not, well, maybe I’ll see ya down the road. This has been a dead space for a while. An awful lot of stuff happened…I went to Vegas, my wife got sick, I had a series of epiphanies and decided to become a professional poker player…my wife got better, […]

Howdy! Say hi to Danny on the right, if you’d like. He’s visiting for a few weeks. Very cool! Earlier Sunni came to see us, which was also very cool. I haven’t posted much here for a while. The kids are part of the reason. You’d think the polyphasic sleep thing would give me lots […]

Yo! I got a bit sleepy after my 1:30AM nap last night, and fixed it with another 7:30AM extra. Is this fascinating, or what? Because other than that I have no new info about my adaptation process. Something over 80 hours into it, I feel pretty good. I do have a few more things to […]

Hi! Yup, this is still going on. About…lessee…60 hours into this thing, and I just woke from a 17-minute nap (total, including going-to-sleep time). I feel pretty good. I’m still waiting for this to get truly hard. So far it’s striking me as sort of natural-like, though heretofore unknown. At least to me. But…hey, most […]