Solved: MMS messaging in spite of Orbot, via Signal (OpenWhisper)

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Look, I don’t like MMS. Or SMS. And in principle I think it’s best if we all just avoid them. In favor of some great app or other, like Signal.

But. I’m a foster parent. I get texts from lots of people, and I need to respond to them. Most are to both me and my wife, thus sent via MMS, from people who won’t install Signal. So I use MMS.

So there’s a bug in Orbot, the Tor proxy app for Android. It attempts to send MMS messages via Tor. Trying to un-check “MmsService” in Orbot, with the idea of proxying most but not all traffic via Tor, doesn’t work. The checkbox re-checks itself. Or re-ticks itself. Ticks me too.

So okay, can Tor or Orbot be set not to proxy certain protocols? Nope. To let traffic to and from a range of IP addresses pass through unmolested? Nope.

Same problem with a VPN, by the way. For me at least (this is carrier-specific) I need to connect directly to send or receive MMS messages.

It’s not a hard problem to solve. It’s probably not difficult within Orbot either, and of course Tor could allow protocols or IP addresses to pass through. But the workaround I used was to quit using Orbot’s “transparent proxying,” install ProxyDroid to do the same damn thing, but tell ProxyDroid to exclude the IP addresses near the one I found for the server listed under “MMSC” in my APN settings. So, Tor works, Signal is excluded (because of voice chat quality issues), and MMS works too. Even though I think we should all quit using it as soon as possible.

You’re welcome.

Have fun out there!

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