Solved: Zoiper fails to register over a VPN (with Callcentric)

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I was getting a pretty silly “No DNS results” when my phone was connected to a VPN using OpenVPN. So I pinged and got a functioning IP address. I then entered the IP into the “Outbound proxy” config setting on Zoiper…and it worked. NOT under the “HOST” setting, however!

Then I got some other errors when not using a VPN, including the weirdly-generated “Too many hops” error that appears to have nothing to do with the number of hops.

But you know what? When my phone is not connected to the VPN, Zoiper still registers with Callcentric. I simply can’t actually answer a call. Nor can I make calls. But I don’t actually like the idea of phone calls that don’t use a VPN, and the phone does ring without the VPN. So, in essence, this bug actually forces me to connect to the VPN before talking to people with Zoiper.

I’ll take that, and call it a feature.

Have fun out there!

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