Free review copies!

You know, I’d really prefer to just include download links on this page–what could be simpler, right? But I’m a bit concerned that one or more of the retailers selling my stuff (cough *Amazon* cough) might object. Some of my material is currently supposed to be exclusive to them, in ebook format anyway, and they don’t like it when I post content for free.

That said? I’m sort of doing it anyway.

If you’d like to read and review any book of mine, or any story (but why not just ask for a collection containing the story?), just contact me and let me know which one. It’ll also be useful if you’ll tell me up front whether you prefer a MOBI (for Kindle), an EPUB (for non-Kindle ereaders), or a PDF (for a desktop-friendly version).

I do ask that you at least intend, at the time you’re requesting a review copy, to actually write a review and post it somewhere. A blog, a retailer’s site, maybe on a building or a billboard in a downtown near you? Somewhere. But there’s no enforcement mechanism here, and I won’t be contacting you afterward to ask what happened to your review. It’s an honor system, see? I trust you.

Please bear in mind that this is NOT automated, and I won’t necessarily respond instantly to each request. Most of the time I’ll get to them within 24 hours.

Thanks, and happy reading!