Weekly Challenge Stories

Starting on 7/31/2013, I posted a new story to my blog every Wednesday–for seventeen weeks. Eventually? I stopped doing that. But I loved doing it, so you never know….

  1. You Sleigh Me
  2. The Gorilla, the Goldfish & Everything
  3. Marvin the Magnificent!
  4. Love is a Frail Reed
  5. Yearning for Yesteryear
  6. Whither Must I Wander
  7. Marvin’s Dilemma
  8. The Heist
  9. Saints Alive! (A September story; see below)
  10. True North
  11. Not for Hire (A September story; see below)
  12. Freethought (A September story; see below)
  13. Carnival Night
  14. Destiny’s Dance (Prologue only…so far!)
  15. True Mesh
  16. Marvin Learns to Drive
  17. …come what may (A September story; see below)


The September Collection

From the What Happens in September… 30-day challenge (some are not yet available separately):