Destiny’s Dance

cover3Story Description:

Fourteenth of my “Weekly Challenge” stories! Except that it may also be some other stuff–because it turns out this isn’t a story yet! It’s about half again as long as most of the shorts so far, but it’s either a prologue or Chapter One of something longer.

Destiny (school name: Melissa) is nearing adulthood. She’s looking forward to taking her place among those who work to make life possible for the rest of the world: the Employed. Of course she may not qualify, or may end up doing something she doesn’t like. It’s not really up to her. But she has high hopes, and is working hard to master the skills she may need.

How to get it:

So far, as I said, it’s incomplete. You can read the first part on the blog anyway, though. It’ll be interesting (for me at least) to see how this one goes along.