The Gorilla, the Goldfish & Everything

cover3Story Description:

Second of my “Weekly Challenge” stories!

Sometimes good intentions lead to bad places. On the other hand, bad intentions often do the same. But, either way? There’s often room for interpretation. And experimentation. As for the results, well, you find out afterward, don’t you? And then you go on from there. So does this story. It’s near-future science fiction, with no message whatsoever. But it does possess a species of humor…

The title is an homage to John D. MacDonald’s “The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything,” though the plot is unrelated. Probably.

How to get it:

I’m making all my stories Amazon-only for a while. Their “Kindle Unlimited” deal is very nice for short fiction. I hate to leave people out if they prefer buying stuff at non-Amazon sites, but…(1) nearly all sales and downloads, for me, have always come from Amazon, (2) while I’ve had issues with Amazon, they’ve been very responsive in dealing with them, (3) I can’t say that for any other online distributor (well, Smashwords is actually pretty nice), and (4) this may boost visibility at Amazon…kind of the core of my business. If you really really hate the idea, please let me know.


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