The Heist

cover3Story Description:

Eighth of my “Weekly Challenge” stories!

Joe Keith, not quite eighteen years old, is doing his damnedest to get by. It’s hard, especially since he doesn’t really have a home to go to. And he has responsibilities. So he does what he can, when he can, where he can. As he puts it: it is what it is.

Personal Note:

This one is more than a little outside my usual range–or at least I think it is. No fantasy or SF, not a lot of humor. It’s one of those gotta-write-it-sometime things, where none of the events or people match up to reality but the flavor is straight out of my memories of a time both darker and brighter than today. So…not to belabor the point…it is what it is.

How to get it:

I’m making many of my stories Amazon-only for a while. Their “Kindle Unlimited” deal is very nice for short fiction. I hate to leave people out if they prefer buying stuff at non-Amazon sites, but…(1) nearly all sales and downloads, for me, have always come from Amazon, (2) while I’ve had issues with Amazon, they’ve been very responsive in dealing with them, (3) I can’t say that for any other online distributor (well, Smashwords is actually pretty nice), and (4) this may boost visibility at Amazon…kind of the core of my business. If you really really hate the idea, please let me know.

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