Thursday Night Game


Just sort of parenthetically:

I love this title, but it sure is hard to keep track of links to it. Or Twitter comments. Apparently the phrase is used elsewhere. Who knew? So if you’ve said something nice about it, please let me know via email or the comments below.

Also, some readers may note that this and Pagan Sex both feature a poker player named Jack. And they even have a scene in common. Sort of. Though they diverge fairly widely both before and after.

So I suppose it was one of two things: (1) I was fascinated by possibilities, or (2) I’m really just a lazy bastard.

Hmm. Hard to say which explanation I like better.

Story Description:

In this tale blending fantasy and horror, Jack Radney is a poker player with a history. And a fetish for keeping a rigid schedule. He’s a big fan of self-control and predictability.

Until one night he meets Beatrice, who has a highly unusual gift. But her ability doesn’t work on Jack. Turns out he’s a little bit…odd…himself. And in more than one way.

They leave the game together. Which just might be the worst idea either of them ever had.

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    Thanks so much for the freebie. I have it on my Kindle and will let you know when I read it. I tweeted, google+ and am now following you through email. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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      You’re welcome! And I’m sorry your comment didn’t appear right away. It got zapped by a spam filter…usually the thing does a better job. :-/

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    Just downloaded it to Kindle. Like these kind of stories. Finishing up some others so give me some time to get to yours and I will definitely give you feedback. And also thank you for following me on Twitter.

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      Feedback is always welcome!

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    Just finished Thursday Night Game. The range of emotions I experienced from laughing out loud to oh-my-god was appreciated. I like your method of writing. Not overdone on scene setting but enough to picture/experience it. The conversations are fun to follow. Your wordplay is excellent. This one gets a big thumbs up with wanting more !

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      Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing it. This one’s not for everybody…a little convoluted in spots. But hey, it just needs to find smart readers. 🙂

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